About us

Pacorini Koper Ltd d.o.o. is a part of international Pacorini Group. It is a group of highly specialized logistic companies, accredited by numerous international authorities such as LIFFE and NYBOT.

Pacorini Koper has been present in the port of Koper since 1989 as the leading logistics operator for green coffee in the Balkans. Apart from green coffee, Pacorini Koper is specialized also in handling and storage of non-ferrous metals, polymers, ferro alloys and other commodities.

We offer our clients a full range of handling and warehousing services from emptying/stuffing containers to palletizing, re-bagging, sampling, weighing, etc. These services are integrated with other logistics support activities like customs clearance, fiscal representation, sea and land transport which are carried out by our professional and highly competent personnel.

In 2010 Pacorini Koper obtained AEO-F certification. This was issued after verification by the Customs Agency according to the criteria foreseen for accounting and solvency systems. So Pacorini Koper can guarantee a number of advantages to clients: quicker clearance procedures, reduced documentation and goods controls, priority treatment for shipments.

Our inland terminal in Sezana represents an important supplement to Pacorini’s logistics services due to the proximity of Koper and Trieste ports. It has a direct rail access that represents a connection between Western and Eastern Europe.

One of the most important competitive advantages of Pacorini is the geographical position of Koper, Sezana and Bar where our logistics activities are implemented.

The strategic position of Koper on the northern peak of Adriatic Sea represents the quickest and the shortest way to reach markets of South, Central and Eastern Europe, especially from Far East, Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

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